Breathless Romance Presents Alyssa

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I love men. I love sex and I love men. It's not just the cock I want, it's you, the whole man. To feel your hands touching me, your lips kissing me, your voice beckoning me, your scent making me crave you. If you have already met me, you know that kink is just a way of life to me. I am open minded and non judgmental, and I get off on perverse phone sex pleasures. But when it's all over, I am just a girl, a woman, and I have the need to be held and loved.

I love to make love for hours. To seduce you in my sexy stockings, garters and heels. To dance for you, entice you, make you want me as much as I want you. Feel my soft satiny panties rubbing against your cock. And if you like to wear panties, that's okay too. There is something about panty phone sex that just makes me wet. We'll get out our sex toys and even watch some porn together! I have hours to spend making you feel like the king of my world.

I'm younger than some, but worldlier and more well-read that many. I'm no giggly school girl! I know what men need and want physically and emotionally, and I'm the perfect young lady to unwind with and cuddle up next to.