Breathless Romance Presents Andie

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To me, phone sex is more than just a fast, immediate fix. I love the freedom that we have to explore subjects together that we might not normally feel comfortable discussing in our daily life, having to worry about real-life repercussions...but it's more than that, too.

I've always believed that the best sex happens with someone that you care about, someone whose innermost passions you know and share, and that's how I approach phone sex, as well. They call that "the girlfriend experience," meaning all of the perks of having a lover without the undesirable relationship drama, and it's the perfect opportunity to bond with someone with whom you can both delve deep into every craving and desire AND enjoy honest, meaningful conversation and laughter. It's having someone to come home to and chat and play with, but still having your space; someone to get dirty with and to grow with, but on YOUR terms. I don't expect anything from you other than the experience of absolute pleasure; I'd love the opportunity for us to discover exactly what makes each other tick while forging a fun, deep, erotic connection.

I have very few limits when it comes to kinky phone sex, so let's dive to the depths of our respective imaginations and see what we can come up with.

If you, too, are looking for more than just a one-time quickie phone fuck, for someone with whom you can connect on a sexual, sensual, and intellectual level, for someone who is willing and able to give you the girlfriend experience, look no further.
I'm so happy we've found each other!