Breathless Romance Presents Kristen

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Hey, guys, I'm Kristen. I'm just starting my second year of college and loving every minute of it! I'm not your typical college coed, though. Most college girls are into frat boys and frat parties and stuff like that. Not me. Frat boys bore me, and their parties kinda suck, too.

So what DO I like? I love spending time with older men. My Daddy's friends, for example. They're a whole lot more interesting to me than frat boys. Their parties are a lot better, too!

When I'm not spending time with Daddy's friends or my professors, I like to babysit. I can make some extra money for school that way, which is always good, and it means that I get to meet lots of new older guys.

All these babysitting experiences give me lots of ideas for babysitter roleplays on the phone with you. But, really, I love almost any kind of roleplay phone sex call. I've been doing lots of naughty stuff in college, so I've learned quite a bit. What I like to do is use my newfound college experience to give you some really amazing roleplaying fun.

I also make a pretty good girlfriend for older men. GFE phone sex is always a favorite of mine. You know all those dirty things you can't tell your actual girlfriend? You can definitely tell them to your phone girlfriend, Kristen.

My classes are super early and I'm available the majority of the day and night. Anyway, I can't wait to talk to you guys and hear about all your naughty fantasies!

xoxo, Kristen