Breathless Romance Presents Lillian

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Gentlemen, my name is Lillian and I am here to experience seductive, playful romance with you. I excel in the art of seduction by offering the perfect mix of "tease" and "doing" to make our time together as erotic and memorable as I know you desire. I will bat my eyelashes with a come-hither smile, and you will immediately want to answer my siren's call. Perhaps the smell of my hair and the view of my neck, in my tastefully low-cut dress, is responsible for seducing you into near oblivion. Perhaps the way I glide across the floor with your drink, as my hips roll in a soft, sensual rhythm that tells you, "I want you and I'm ready to be ravished by you."

What would you do if I wielded that sensuality, by slowly crossing my legs, to give you the merest glimpse of my panty-covered prize? Would you drop to your knees before me? Would you shower me with trinkets like candies, roses, and jewels?

A smart lady dresses for success. But, what, here, is success? Is it your adoration of me or my delight at being the lady seen on your arm? What do you think all these tools of seduction are designed for? Beautiful dresses, silky stockings, and perfume dabbed in all the right places. These are all but adornments on the real reward. What is the reward? The reward is me, of course.

After I have successfully lured you in -- or was it vice versa? -- all it takes is a glance and smile to beckon you to our boudoir. You will follow behind me, appreciating every curve. Once inside, I will back you up to the bed with deep and sensual kisses. If it pleases you, I will give you a sexy strip tease that seems to linger for hours. I might tickle you relentlessly in all the right places to make you go weak in the knees. I will show you what you do to my body by pushing a finger inside of myself and letting you sensually lick and suck my juices off. I will reveal to you that I am made of sugar and spice and everything oh so nice. And, soon, we will erupt into passionate, explosive lovemaking.

I hope you are as ready as I am for our romance to begin.