Breathless Romance Presents Linda

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I'm a pretty easy going, light hearted girl who loves to get to know new people and have lots of fun with them. When I was growing up I was the bratty little sister sitting outside her brother's bedroom door listening to him and his friends talk about women, and sex, and how to get one to perform the other.

There was a lot of trash talk and adolescent behavior, but I did learn a lot about what turns a man on, and what gets him off.

By the time I was 16 I was dating one of my brother's friends. He was blown away by my inhibition, so much so that he told me I was like a Penthouse letter come to life. He had no idea that I had been listening to his fantasies for years and honing my skills in anticipation.

The things I learned as a child serve me well to this very day, allowing me to play a man's body like an angel plays a harp. Does you instrument need a good "tuning"?