Breathless Romance Presents Peyton

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My idea of romance is very different from that of the average girl. I'm a bit demanding and expect to get what I want when I want it. However, take good care of me and give me what I want and I will reciprocate with an abandon you've not likely experienced. While you're catering to my every need just imagine what's in store for you. My soft, ripe lips and tongue dancing over your body, my perky breasts pressed against your chest as I breathe in your ear and nibble the lobe. The feel of my silken hair brushing against your more sensitive spots, and my unbearably gorgeous bottom cupped in your strong hands.

If you really want to make me a happy girl you'll agree to slip into my silk teddies or lace panties and parade around in front of me while begging for my undivided attention. You will be well rewarded for the effort.