Breathless Romance Presents Sybil

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I'm a divorced Mom in my late 40's and for the first time, I'm living the life ~ I ~ want. My daughter is away at college, I'm not in a relationship and I'm free to explore all the good things that life has to offer. I've always been a sexual woman and my fantasies always touched on the dark and the intense side of sexuality. Until the past few years I kept that part hidden, but now it's time to let loose. I am a nudist at heart and more times than not when you call I'll be naked. When I am clothed, I love the feel of soft and silky lingerie and stockings. I'm very tactile and love to touch and be touched.

I'm naturally Dominant and over the past decade, did get to explore many things. I understand that, sometimes, a man is best taken care of by a strong woman. A woman who will allow him to completely let go. To throw away the worries and responsibilities in his life and to trust a strong woman to keep him safe. Of course, I can be harsh and humiliating but, don't misunderstand, I genuinely care about those with the strength to submit. What could be more breathless and romantic than that?

I know that I may not appeal to every man who is reading this and is in the mood for the more traditional romantic woman.  I am a non-traditional and unique phone sex woman, and I am at my best with a gentleman who considers himself non-traditional and unique as well. I'm a well-rounded woman who enjoys both traditional and non-traditional romance. The experience and maturity I have is just what you've been looking for.

I'm waiting for you right now, just call and ask for Sybil.